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Each Member State holds the presidency of the Council of the European Union for six months on a rotational basis. The presidency of the Council organises and presides over meetings, brokers compromises, adopts conclusions and ensures the coherency and continuity of the decision-making process. It also ensures effective cooperation between all Member States. From January 1 to June 30, 2022, France chairs the Council of the EU. Find all informations on the French presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Mis à jour le 12/05/2022

Let's ruralise Europe

Date: 03/02/2022, 16 March 2022 and 13 May 2022

Place: Remote, Marseille, other place to be confirmed  

Organiser: Association Nationale Nouvelles Ruralités

Territorial issues, and in particular those of the European rural areas, will be discussed in the context of the French Presidency of the European Union in relation to the Commission's communication in favour of a long-term vision for rural territories by 2040 and in the wake of the resolution calling for the establishment of a European rural agenda, voted on 4 November 2021 in the Senate.

To this end, the ‘Association Nationale Nouvelles Ruralités’ (ANNR) organises a meeting with rural stakeholders to draw up a European roadmap for the rural areas.

The ‘ANNR’ will organise a series of events throughout the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union under the motto "Let’s ruralise Europe". The aim of these events is to promote a positive discourse on rural territories and to raise awareness among citizens and Member States of the benefits that European society as a whole could gain from the establishment of national rural agendas at EU level.

This series of events will consist of two technical webinars, to be held respectively on 3 February 2022 and 16 March 2022, and two high profile events: a round table dedicated to the challenges of rurality in the framework of the European Summit of Regions and Cities on 3 March 2022 in Marseille, and then on the 13 may, a closing conference bringing together the Member States, the European institutions and the actors who act daily for our rural areas.

How to adapt the European framework of public procurement to make it an accelerator of the ecological and social transition in the territories?

Date: 28 February 2022

Place: Nice (hybrid format)

Organisers: France urbaine and Métropole Nice Côte d'Azur

‘France urbaine’, an association of local authorities embodying urban diversity and promoting the Alliance of Territories, is co-organising with the ‘Metropole Nice Côte d'Azur’, and the support of the ‘Pôle Joubert’, an event on 28 February in Nice in order to continue the reflection on the European framework for public procurement. 

This event aims to promote the issue of environmentally and socially responsible public procurement in the European Union, so that local authorities can make their purchases a strategic lever in favour of the ecological and social transition and the resilience of their territories.

European Summit of Regions and Cities

Date: 03/03/2022 - 04/03/2022

Place: Marseille

Organisers: European Committee of the Regions and Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur Region

The European Summit of Regions and Cities brings together local elected representatives every two years to discuss the main challenges facing the European Union. It gathers representatives of the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Committee of the Regions or other European institutions, as well as elected representatives, representatives of associations, personalities from civil society and/or the economic world.

This year, the 9th Summit will be co-organised by the European Committee of the Regions and the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Region, in association with the Department of Bouches-du-Rhône, the Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolitan Area and the City of Marseille. It will invite citizens and their elected representatives to contribute to the design of a more resilient, coherent and democratic European Union. It will focus on making the voices of regions and cities heard and valued, as they make an essential contribution to the European project and play a crucial role in positioning citizens at the heart of Europe. In connection with the Conference on the Future of Europe and shortly after the publication of the 8th report on economic, social and territorial cohesion, this Summit will be an opportunity to debate positions taken by cities and regions on a wide range of issues, including the territorial challenges facing territories, the link between recovery plans and cohesion policy, and the future of European democracy, etc.

LEADER 1992-2022: 30 years at the service of rural development

Date: 07/03/2022 - 08/03/2022

Place: Ploeuc-L'hermitage

Organiser: Association LEADER France

Rural areas are the guardians of Europe's cultural diversity and identity. Rural territories play a major role in the European energy, ecological and economic transition. They are the holders of renewable resources, the exploitation of which generates territorial, national and community added value. They are also precursors of the circular economy and short circuits. For 30 years, the LEADER programme has enabled rural territories to organise themselves around local development strategies co-constructed by local actors. Today, it concerns nearly 339 rural territories involved in the LEADER approach, i.e. nearly 28 million inhabitants.

This conference with participative workshops, aims to highlight the contribution of the LEADER system for rural territories and to discuss the place of rural development within European policies and the Common Agricultural Policy. This meeting, labelled by the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, will bring together all the actors of the local action groups and numerous European partners and will mark the 30th anniversary of the programme and the 60th anniversary of the adoption of the founding regulations of the Common Agricultural Policy.

Functional spaces as living laboratories of territoriality

A field of experimentation and a place of exchange of good practices for the appropriation of the territorial stakes of the Territorial Agenda 2030 by the actors of Interreg

Date: 23/03/2022

Place:  remote

Organiser: Interact

Since its adoption in 2020, Interact has initiated a process aiming at reinforcing the territorial dimension and encouraging the integration of the principles of the Territorial Agenda 2030 in the Interreg programmes for the programming period 2021-2027 while highlighting their usefulness in the life cycle of their cooperation projects.

Interact is organising a webinar on 23 March which will aim to facilitate the appropriation by stakeholders of the abstract principles contained in the strategic and political framework represented by the Territorial Agenda 2030 and will attempt to propose interpretation keys allowing project leaders to integrate the territorial dimension in their projects. Cases of European cross-border functional spaces will be used to highlight practical approaches to their governance. As examples of good practices in territoriality, we will find the Euro-metropolis (Lille-Courtai-Tournai), Valga-Valka (Estonia-Latvia) and others. The aim will be to show the added value of strengthening the territorial dimension within cross-border programmes while highlighting the major issues raised by the Territorial Agenda 2030.

For an inclusive, sustainable, strengthened and efficient cohesion policy in Europe: the opinion of European civil society

Date: 05/04/2022

Place: Paris and remote

Organiser: European Economic and Social Committee

The European Economic and Social Committee is organising an event involving representatives of civil society in France in the context of the 8th report on economic, social and territorial cohesion published by the Commission. The aim is for stakeholders to discuss whether economic, social and regional disparities in the European Union have or have not increased as a result of Covid-19 and how civil society organisations have contributed to the social inclusion of vulnerable people.

Europe let's cooperate !

Date: 05/04/2022

Place: remote

Organiser: Interreg Europe

Interreg Europe, an interregional cooperation programme aimed at improving public policies in European regions, is organising the 8th edition of its forum "Europe, let's cooperate! The day will be based on learning and networking with organisations from 29 European countries. Participants will learn how they can benefit from interregional cooperation and be inspired by institutions and regions that already have experience in implementing projects covering areas of EU cohesion policy. This online event will also be the occasion to launch the first call for projects of the new Interreg Europe programming period 2021-2027. It will host policy makers and professionals from all over Europe working in various policy areas.

The cross-border action of the Departments : Cross-border cooperation through the ages – an innovative lever from the first smile to the last breath

Date: 05/05/2022

Place: Metz

Organiser: Assemblée des Départements de France

This event is organised on the occasion of a meeting of the European and cross-border cooperation working group of the ‘Assemblée des Départements de France’ in partnership with the actors of cross-border issues and border territories. It will discuss the consequences of the interruption of cross-border exchanges in the context of the health crisis, but also the EU initiatives to promote cooperation between the local authorities of the member states. This meeting will aim to encourage the growing dynamic of sharing good practices in this area with the support of departmental elected representatives involved in these issues.

The results of the 6th Barometer of the City Centre and Shops (Clear Channel/ Institut CSA) have demonstrated a strong attachment of the French to their city centre. It is therefore an important subject, with many issues at stake, which will be debated next June.

Territories in transition in the EU: for a fairer Europe

Date: 23/05/2022 or 24/05/2022

Place: Paris

Organiser: Réseau interdisciplinaire pour l'aménagement, l’observation et la cohésion des territoires européens

This event organised by the ‘Réseau interdisciplinaire pour l'aménagement, l’observation et la cohésion des territoires européens’ (UMS RIATE) aims to promote and put into perspective for French  and European territorial actors (local and national), publications on territorial dynamics developed by both the ‘Agence nationale de la cohesion des territoires’ (“national agency for territorial cohesion”) and other programmes on territorial cohesion in Europe on the basis of analyses developed in other EU regions (ESPON). The objective will be to develop diagnosis and policy support tools for better multi-level governance. It will specifically address transitions in Europe in the context of the publication of the Commission's 8th report on economic, social and territorial cohesion (mobility, access to services and centralities with regard to the economic functions and amenities of territories.) in line with the priorities of the Territorial Agenda 2030 linked to a "fairer Europe".

ESPON Seminar

Date: 01/06/2022 - 02/06/2022

Place: Lille

Organiser: ESPON EGTC

The ESPON 2020 cooperation programme aims to support the implementation of European policies, primarily cohesion policy, as well as planning and development policies implemented by Member States and local authorities. ESPON funds research projects and territorial studies aimed at highlighting the main trends at work at the various territorial levels in Europe and at providing insights for public and territorial cooperation policies.

Every six months, in association with the rotating Presidency of the Council, ESPON organises a two-day exchange seminar bringing together public decision-makers and social science researchers. The seminar organised during the French Presidency will take place in Lille on 1st and 2nd of June 2022.

The main objective of these two days, during which plenary sessions will alternate with workshops (in a hybrid format), will be to debate the new landscape of territorial cohesion in the light of the elements provided by the recent ESPON studies and the publication of the 8th report of the European Commission on European economic, social and territorial cohesion, the main theme of the French Presidency's work on cohesion. It will be an opportunity to put into perspective the priorities of the cohesion policy for 2021-2027 and the territorial dynamics as observed through the studies implemented by ESPON.

URBACT City Festival

Date: 14/06/2022 - 16/06/2022

Place: Pantin

Organizer: URBACT Programme

The URBACT City Festival is the key event of this European territorial cooperation programme. It aims to promote integrated and sustainable urban development in European cities. Open to all city practitioners, decision-makers at all levels, organisations and institutions involved in urban policy, this event raises awareness of the URBACT approach to urban transformation.

During these days, the 23 networks participating in the programme and involving more than 200 European cities will have the opportunity to present their results, share their experiences, recommendations and examples of pilot projects and improve their knowledge and expertise in urban policy. The Festival is an event labelled by the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union and coincides with the launch of the URBACT IV programme which will cover the period 2021-2027. This festival will also be an opportunity to reaffirm the role of cities and Europe in addressing the major challenges of digital and ecological transitions, social justice and gender equality, which will be at the heart of the URBACT IV programme.

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Borders Forum 2022

Date: 21/06/2022 - 22/06/2022

Place: Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris, Paris

Organizer: Mission opérationnelle transfrontalière (MOT)

The Borders Forum is organised by the Transborder Operational Mission, an association whose mission is to facilitate the implementation of cross-border projects. This forum is a political event of French and European scope. The aim of this second edition will be to highlight the place, role and resilience of cross-border territories in Europe in response to crises and major future challenges.

The forum will deal with the challenges linked to the Covid-19 crisis, its health, economic, social and political impacts, and the capacities of Europe, the Member States and the territories to promote recovery, in particular in cross-border territories, which are even more affected than other territories and are the source of the "European feeling of belonging". It will be based on a wealth of cross-border and European news, including the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the results of the Conference on the future of Europe, the French and European recovery plans, the new Interreg 21-27 programme, the Franco-Italian Treaty of Quirinale, the 3DS law, etc.

2nd European City Centre Conference

Date: 28/06/2022 - 29/06/2022

Place: Strasbourg

Organiser: Association Centre-Ville en Mouvement

‘Centre-Ville en Mouvement’, an association of elected representatives and members of parliament, works to support the revitalisation of town centres by bringing together a range of players and sharing good practices and innovative experiments. Every year for the past 17 years, the association has organised a number of events, including the National Town Centre Conferences, a meeting that has become a major event for local elected representatives and town centre stakeholders.

On Tuesday 28 June and Wednesday 29 June 2022, the 2nd Biennial European Town Centre Conference will be held in the hemicycle of the European Parliament in Strasbourg. For two days, more than a thousand mayors, elected representatives from all over Europe, city centre managers, business leaders and city centre stakeholders will meet to exchange and debate during round tables with testimonies from specialists, specific workshops on projects and innovations implemented in European city centres, field visits, etc.

Many themes will be discussed (attractiveness, commercial diversity, new mobility, environment, culture, densification, etc.) for the future of sustainable city centres. French initiatives will be highlighted through the nationa lprogrammes such as "Action Cœur de Ville" and "Petites Villes de demain" (preliminary-programme available on

How to support the territories in the development of telework ?

Date: during June 2022

Place: remote

Organiser: Association Nationale des Pôles d’équilibre territoriaux et ruraux et des Pays

In order to face the health crisis of the COVID, telework has emerged as a solution to guarantee the continuity of part of the activities and services. The advantages offered by this new work system must be seized in concert with urban territories. In this context, the National Association of Territorial and Rural Equilibrium Poles and Countries has initiated a one-year reflection process entitled "Opportunities for rural territories" (OPTER) on all the issues raised by the development of teleworking. It also aims at proposing a tool to accompany the implementation of a policy for welcoming new workers in rural areas. As a cross-cutting theme, it concerns more broadly most issues related to economic development, mobility issues and the reception of new populations. This event will communicate the lessons of this reflexion process to a wide audience.

National meetings on citizen participation

Date: 23/06/2022 – 24/06/2022

Place: Strasbourg, European Parliament

Organiser: Conseil national des villes

This event aims to highlight the role of participatory democracy in the development and implementation of urban policies. Over two days, this event will be structured around plenary meetings in the hemicycle, and in-person and remote workshops. The objective of this gathering is threefold.

- To share and exchange on the role of the participation of the inhabitants in the elaboration and the conduct of urban policies aiming at a reinforced and fairer social cohesion.

- To put participatory democracy and citizen participation initiatives into perspective by highlighting the work and actions of European citizens committed to improving their daily lives and anchoring their participation in sharing and exchange.

- To give recognition to the commitment of inhabitants via the citizens' councils.

It will be based on the URBACT programme, which makes citizen participation an important part of the co-construction of projects, and the European programme "Fostering social justice". These two days are also intended to produce a contribution from the priority neighbourhoods of the city policy to the Conference for the Future of Europe, in particular their experience on urban issues, participatory democracy and social justice.

Final European Conference for the Local Dialogues on Europe

Date: May, to be confirmed

Venue: to be confirmed

Organiser: French Association of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions

In order to contribute to the Conference on the future of Europe, the French Association of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions, the Council of European Municipalities and Regions and the European Movement decided to bring the debate closer to the citizens in order to inform them about the concrete achievements of Europe while promoting a citizens’ debate. To this end, they have organised from September 2021 to January 2022, local dialogues covering all the Member States of the European Union.

On the occasion of this conference, the French Association of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions will officially present to the main contributors as well as to the European institutions the report summarising the local dialogues carried out in France and in the other Member States, intended to contribute to the major political choices of the coming years.

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